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Orthodontic braces in Swindon

Protruding, crooked or crowded teeth can greatly affect your confidence. At Dentalcare Swindon and Orthodontics, we believe there is no reason why everyone cannot have the smile of their dreams.

Teeth straightening is no longer just for children. We see and treat more adults with braces. Partly this is because of the types of braces that are now available. Dental braces now work faster and are much more discreet; we have several clear and invisible braces so that other people won’t even know that you’re having your teeth straightened.

Different options for Orthodontics

At Dentalcare Swindon and Orthodontics we are pleased to offer a variety of different dental braces. At your initial consultation, we will talk through the benefits of each and discuss with you which are the best for you and your teeth.

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We’re happy to discuss your options on the phone.

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Benefits of Orthodontics

Dentalcare Swindon and Orthodontics can offer you:

  • A personal approach. Our face to face consultation will determine what you want to change about your teeth and how we can best achieve that
  • A long-term holistic approach. We consider your general health and lifestyle as well as your oral health and together we work on the treatment that will work best for you
  • Custom made braces. Our braces and aligners are bespoke, and custom made for you to achieve the best results in the minimum time
  • Latest technology. We use the latest technology to ensure that your treatment is up to date in every development
  • We appreciate that treatments can be expensive, and so we offer interest free finance to help spread the cost

At Dentalcare Swindon and Orthodontics, our consultations with the Orthodontist are £75, or you can book a free patient assessment with our Patient Coordinator to find out more about our treatments.